(ages 3-5)

This Parent-child interactive class will help develop your childs motor skills, listening, balance and eye hand coordination. Circuit set teaching allows parents and child to get acquainted with gymnastics equipment and develop basic gymnastics skills. All skills learned in the class are progressions for greater skills.

(ages 3-5)

In this fun class your child will enjoy learning progressions for cartwheels, handstand, and other basic skills. This class with help your child build flexibility, balance, eye and hand coordination and motor skills. At some locations students will learn skills on gymnastics bars and beams.


(ages 6-12)

Tumblers will learn skills such as forward rolls, backward rolls, bridges, backbends, backbend kick overs, handstands, cartwheels,round-offs and many more skills. All these skills will help your child build strength, balance, coordination,flexibility, and motor skills. This class will also learn skills on bars and beam depending the location of class.

Tumbling Level 2

This class students will experience more intense workout, focus on flexibility, technique and strength. Level 2 tumblers will focus on backhand spring progressions, backwalk overs, front walk overs, front handsprings and tumbling passes. 

To participate in level two, students must be able to do a running cartwheel and running roundoff, backbend and standing up out of a backbend with good form.

Tumbling Level 3

This class will be focusing on backhand spring, front hand springs, aerials and tumbling passes! Level 3 students will work on technique, strength and flexibility.


This interactive class will help your children build strength, coordination, confidence and have fun while getting a workout. In this high-energy class they will learn jazz,  creative movement, musical theater and the latest hip hop dance moves and tumbling skills.  All choreography and music are age and child appropriate. Great for boys and girls!


Cheerleaders will receive instruction on proper technique for stretching, motions, jumps and chants. In this class your child will also work on basic tumbling skills and dance. 

*Please note equipment will vary per class and location. Thank you!*


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